6 Reasons Your Business Needs an Ebook

Your business needs an ebook. An ebook can make all the difference in the world to your business. Yet the number one reason businesses do not offer free or paid ebooks of any kind is they are concerned about their ability to write them. They don’t know if they can do it.

Fears aside, this is the time to start sharpening your writing skills. The below are the reasons your business needs an ebook.

Three Reasons It’s Good for Business 

One of the main reasons you need an ebook is that people respond to it in a positive manner. You can go in-depth on a subject, which you cannot do with one of your conventional blog posts. That is important because the idea is to add value to the lives of others. When you add value to your target audience, you make it more likely that they are going to buy from you in the future.

Another important reason is that it helps to define you as an authority in your chosen industry. Competition is huge, and you must be able to stand out from the crowd.

Prospective customers will be comparing your body of work with your competitors. A well-written ebook makes you look like a thought leader in your industry. You have the edge.

The third business reason for writing an ebook is that it makes it easier to grab high-quality leads. Someone is far more likely to give up some of their personal information if they’re getting something valuable in return. An ebook has far more pull than a pop-up box.

Three Reasons You Can Do It 

You may be worried about your ability to write an ebook. In this section, you are going to learn just how you can begin writing your first ebook.

If you can plan, you can write an ebook.

Planning for your first ebook is about splitting your book into sections and chapters. Any company with a blog will already have a good idea of what they will be writing about. Use that as your basis and go in-depth on a popular subject. Split into pieces and you already have your plan.

You do not have to be a great writer.

I Write Assistant always hears from companies that worry about the quality of their writing. It’s true that the level of writing is immensely important, but it does not have to be perfect. There are many popular ebooks that are hardly the work of Shakespeare. Master basic spelling and grammar and you’re already qualified to begin writing your first ebook.

Everyone needs practice.

The fact is everyone will need to train to get better at writing ebooks. Even gifted writers will find that there is a gulf of difference between their first ebook and the tenth. Remember that your customers are not expecting a free ebook that could compete with something on the best-seller lists.

The biggest piece of advice for any writer is to practice. Do not allow the fear of failure stop you from writing. This is why you complete multiple drafts before putting anything into the public eye.

There is no doubt that writing an ebook is difficult for the first-timer. But if you do not try you are guaranteed to miss out on the benefits.

Have you ever tried writing an ebook before?

How to Make Your Ebook a Success from Day One

ebook reader and regular book

The ebook business is booming. There are more indie authors now than at any other time in history. And even businesses are getting in on the act. I Write Assistant commonly receives queries from people who want to get better at writing ebooks whether for themselves or as an addition to their businesses.

Making your ebook a success from day one, if you’ve never written one before, is tough. There’s no doubt about it.

But practice makes perfect. Just try to avoid the mistakes listed below.

Choosing a Market 

For most people, their ebook fails before they even start writing. Choosing what you want to write about will often determine how easy or hard selling your ebook is after you finish.

It’s a decision you must get right.

So should you immediately begin following the money? For the most part, you should not. If you know where the money is, the chances are the market is already saturated and you’d have a hard time standing out from the crowd.

I Write Assistant is an advocate of doing your research to ensure there is a market, but the best option is to always write what you enjoy. Your natural passion will shine through you to your readers. It is a major part of being cast in the light of a good writer.

The Mistakes You Should Avoid Making in Ebook Writing 

The biggest risk in an ebook is rambling. You have so many words that it’s easy to get lost and lose the thread of your work. The counter to this is to write an outline.

Your outline doesn’t have to be comprehensive or even detail every point you are going to make. It is a light roadmap to keep you on the right track.

Another mistake made is that the writer acts like an editor as he or she writes. They are trying to write the first draft of their ebook and edit it all at the same time. It just doesn’t work. You will never get the book done if you approach it like this.

Write the first draft first before moving on to the editing stage. There is nothing wrong with writing a terrible first draft. Unfortunately, so many writers are perfectionists and so hamstring themselves in this way.

A final mistake to avoid is going too long. Writing an ebook for the first time can make you realise you may have missed a point or something needs further clarification. This is not always wrong, but most of the time it just leads to pointless content to pad the eBook.

What you should take away from this guide is that too often writers are tempted to keep adding to their ebook and to keep editing it as they go.

Every writer has their own preferences when it comes to a new project. However, there are some tried and tested rules that are in place for a reason. Hundreds of years of writing have taught us how large projects should be tackled.

Do you have any memorable experiences from tackling your first ebook?