Why Your Blog Posts Do Not Resonate with Your Target Audience


When you write a blog post, article, or anything else, you want it to resonate. You want to hit the reader in the heart like a piece straight from the quill of Shakespeare.

The problem is that sometimes your latest prize blog post just does not have that impact. Your blogs are not resonating with your target market. So, what’s the problem?

It’s not your writing.

Even badly written blog posts have become popular in the past. Skill is only one of many factors that determine whether your target audience keeps coming back for more. Sometimes you are just not considering the people you are ‘talking to’ enough.

The Importance of Audience 

This is not exclusively about marketing. Once you know your audience, you write specifically to that audience. The tone and approach your writing takes changes.

This is why you need to begin by narrowing down your audience. Know your audience as if you were writing a letter to a friend. Know the intimate details of what makes your target market unique.

Why is this so difficult to manage as a writer?

It can be difficult to write to your audience, but it is arguably just as important as the writing itself. Think about great writers and how they became known.

Shakespeare’s characters and their speech may seem odd to us today. Yet back when he wrote his plays that type of speech was common. He matched his writing to his audience. Look back at the writers of the 1950s. The Beat Generation spoke to a brave new world that had left the shadow of war. It was optimistic, and it was about freedom. And that’s why it sold.

Try not to think about writing well on a technical basis. Consider what your audience is looking for. Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Nobody cares if your writing is good technically if it doesn’t speak to them.

Finding that Audience 

You now know that you must narrow down your audience. But we recommend that you go one step further than that. Don’t just narrow down your audience; get to know your audience.

In the blogging sphere, you will see that successful bloggers have all built relationships with their readership

Does this make their writing better?

Of course not. But in the eyes of the people that matter, it does. They believe that the blogger is speaking directly to them. And that instantly gives the blogger the upper hand. He or she may not be a particularly talented writer, but this person getting through to those who are reading their content.

Spend a little more time thinking about your audience and how you can reach them. The average person reads hundreds of blog posts every year. Why does yours stand out from the crowd?

Only when you can successfully speak to a narrow audience will your writing finally achieve what you want it to. Begin forming those relationships today prior to picking up your pen.

Do you have any other questions about finding out what your target audience wants?